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Our children's Nativity & other offerings!


Our Children at St. Paul's, Bow Common

Our children at church are such a vital and much-loved part of our common life. They are entirely lay-led by remarkable, committed and gifted adults such as Toni, Tiny, Safia & Carly. Together, our Sunday School and young people make an important contribution to our church life at key points of the year - at Christmas, Mothering Sunday, Pentecost and Harvest.  The enliven our sorship with their great gift of being able to be themselves and to be far less complicated and clear-seeing than the rest of us - though once we were children, too! Jesus had important things to say about this quality of childhood and in our church our children are still able to re-connect us to our more trusting and enthusiastic selves!


Every year we journey through Advent, the season of preparation for Christmas, and arrive at the final Sunday before Christmas itself. Our Sunday School and SPBC (young people) work hard through Advent to make a final act of preparation on that Sunday morning to point our hearts and minds to what we will be celebrating in a the following days and weeks.

This is just a glimpse of our younger church members leading us in a musical preparation for Christmas in 2011!

church nativity church nativity
  church nativity  

Here are also some earlier contributions made by our children and young people at Christmas, as we prepare for the Great Day!


Mothering Sunday


Harvest Sunday



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