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30 April 2010 the next 50 yrs
30th April 2010 marked the 50th anniversary of the Dedication and Consecration of the church in 1960. Having looked back the night before, on this day we looked forward, committing the next 50 years to God's care and guidance. Gathered together were people who had been there 50 years previously and young people who will be there at the centenary! We celebrated their future ministry by asking them to share with us their vision for the netx 50 years, duirng which they and others of their generation will take up leadership and the building of God's Kingdom in this place.

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29 April 2010 - the 1st 50 yrs
On 29th April 2010 we celebrated the end of the first 50 years of our church building's life. The Bishop of London led the celebrations and friends past and present crammed the church to celebrate the completion of the first 50 years of the story of this remarkable building and its even more remarkable people.
Our church school, St. Paul with St. Luke made a great contribution with a presentation about what they have learned about the church and what the next 50 years might bring.

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New Bishop opens hall
On 30th July 2011 the new Bishop of Stepney, the Rt. Revd. Adrian Newman came here on his first visit to any parish in his episcopal Area to bless and open our refurbished Church Community Hall.

This was the successful outcome of a unique partnership between the Diocese of London and Poplar HARCA, the Housing Company which manages a great deal of the housing stock in Poplar, East London and also heads up a great deal of regeneration in our area, especially adjacent to the church, along St. Paul's Way.

After a year of intensive work and co-operation and partnership between so many agencies on St. Paul's Way, our partnership with Polar HARCA has resulted in our cold, non-user-friendly church hall being transformed into a warm and welcoming space already being used by far more community groups than before the works were completed.

Bishop Adrian impressed all of us by his genuine care and connection and interest in every person who was there, from young to old, from church to non-church members.

The weather was fabulous and it was a memorable occasion, perhaps the most significant with respect to our church buildings since the church was consecrated in 1960.

Interestingly, the pastoral staff (bishop's staff of office) which he now has was given to him by the daughter of the Bishop of Stepney who consecrated the church's Foundation Stone in 1958 - Bishop Everard Lunt! The new bishop was interested to see this same pastoral staff in the church's history display of that day - and to discover that he was born on the very next day after the blessing of the Foundation Stone!

Bishop Lunt, incidentally, also confirmed the present incumbent when he was a youth of 16 at St. John-at-Hackney!

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The Outraged Christ: details
The 'Outraged Christ' by Charles Lutyens provides enormous reward both by viewing it from a distance as well as by studying details.
This collection of images focuses on particular elements of the sculpture.

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The Outraged Christ: General
Charles Lutyens created the head of this figure some 35 years ago. He picked up the work again 29 or so years later. The idea of an 'Outraged Christ' was in his mind - a Christ to whom the appalling treatment of human by human and nation by nation is not nothing.
This Christ does not just observe - he engages and acknowledges. Lutyens' intention was to create a 'Striding Outraged Christ' striding over hedgerows through his world, demanding an account of what we have been doing.
However, as he started work below the torso - as he himself says - a raised leg 'appeared' and would not go down, try as he may!
And so a crucified Outraged Christ emerged over the next 6 years or so and was finished just weeks before the exhibition began!

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The Outraged Christ arrives 22 May
Charles Lutyens (b 1933) created the great 800 sq ft mosaic cycle of the Heavenly Host in this church between 1963 and 1968. In 2011 he returned with an exhibition of his life's work as a painter and sculptor. His latest work - a 15ft high wooden Crucifixion called the Outraged Christ has astonished all who have seen it. This is a record of its dramatic arrival and installation.

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Confirmation 17th July 2011
On 17th July 2011 9 church members were confirmed by Bishop Mark Santer (Grandfather of one of the candidates!).

This was our first major event with Charles Lutyens extraordinary and very large ''Outraged Christ' installed in within the body of the church. It all worked wonderfully well and the huge presence of the sculpture simply 'melted' into the congregation!

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