Tracing your Ancestors from Bow Common


Records from  1858-1938 have been deposited with the London Metropolitan Archive.

Church of Saint Paul, Bow Common

The church of Saint Paul, Bow Common, consecrated in 1858, was financed by William Cotton of Leytonstone, and was also known as Cotton's Church. The church was bombed during the Second World War, and the building was completely demolished. Baptisms were subsequently performed at Holy Trinity, Mile End Old Town (P93/TRI), and then at Saint Barnabas Mission Church, until the parish was united with Saint Luke, Burdett Road (P93/LUK) in 1951. A new church for the parish of Saint Paul was begun in 1958 and consecrated in 1960; the architect was Robert Maguire, and its design, innovative and modernist is based on the ideals of the Liturgical Movement.


Saint Luke Burdett Road

From 1944 until July 1951 the registers of Saint Luke Burdett Road, where the congregation met, were used by Saint Paul's and from July 1951 to July 1958 the same registers of Saint Luke's were used by the congregation of the united parish of Saint Paul, Bow Common and Saint Luke, Burdett Road. Saint Luke's church was abandoned by the congregation in July 1958 for Saint Barnabas Mission church, baptisms being entered in the Saint Paul's registers. A separate register of marriages was kept for Saint Paul's until July 1951, when marriages were all entered in the Saint Luke's registers, until these were closed in July 1958 and the Saint Paul's registers again brought into use for the united parish.